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Pastor Greg Locke seems like a lovely fellow. On his Facebook page he posted a video on the question ‘what if you’re wrong?!’

An answer despite it’s flaws that he is seemingly satisfied with. He flips the question to the questioner in typical fashion.

‘No. What if you’re wrong?’

In his mind if he is wrong, he won’t know any better. He will die and will not suffer any concequence. Supposedly living a life helping people and supporting people (I will get back to that) and if this is the only life, it has been lived well.

Isn’t it nice to live a life free from punishment for being wrong about something? Basically what he is boasting about is that he can be free from punishment in a Godless world. If he is wrong he doesn’t suffer. If we are wrong we do. Which world sounds more moral here?

If I am nervous, I have a right to be. We are being threatened with eternal damnation, is this a belief you are proud to preach?

A life spent loving and helping others?! It doesn’t sound like it to me!!

Greg hilariously ignores the fate awaiting him if another God exists other than his own. Funnily enough he ignores the same threats other religions present. The reasons why he doesn’t take other religions seriously are the same reasons I refuse to take Gregs beliefs seriously.


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  1. the question should be, “could you be wrong?” and if so “what evidence would change your mind about Christ?” then “Have you investigated that possibility?”
    if the arrogant SOB is insane enough to say he could not be wrong, he could still be thinking about it but not wanting to admit it. Free Thought is the most dangerous thing a Christian can engage in. He might find real answers.

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