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I’m not paid to be an atheist, it simply more respectable

I’m am atheist. I don’t believe there is a God. 

If there turned out to be a God, I would be an anti-theist. Not because I’m sadistic or because I love to dislike things. It’s because I’m optimistic and love humanity.

God either doesn’t care or cannot do more to help. 

There are theists that believe God cannot help us. There are theists that believe God doesn’t need to or shouldn’t. 

Either way, why be a worshipper?

If God cannot help us, get off your knees. For some reason humanity is still eager to please something just because it can apparantly do things that we cannot. We need to learn more about such beings. Worship doesn’t make any sense when you stand back and replace praising with thinking.

Sadly and statistically, you probably won’t realise this blatant fact before it’s your time to kick the bucket. Your life- wasted for the benefit of someone you have never met- is one you will never have a second chance at. Proud, huh?

If God refuses to help…well, do I even need to state why we shouldn’t respect such a deity?

Apparantly I do. 










Why is it so hard to convince people of this? What a tragic way to live life. Can you remember how many times you told your friend to leave that boyfriend that beats and humiliates her? Well, you have the exact same relationship with God.

Keep loving a God that keeps bringing you hardships or at least, doesn’t relieve you of them. What a lovely relationship you have there.

Seriously. I’m very jealous.

You then have moderates that side with the religious community. Sometimes atheists favour the religious, too.

Hey! If someone wants to believe in a God that probably wants to see you in hell, let them! Have some respect!’

My doctor has actually prescribed a pillow for my forehead because of all the face palming. 

I really wish my reasons for being an atheist would be understood by everyone. Too bad logic is substituted by emotion and thoughtless worship.


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  1. Many believe their prayers are answered. We do not know how their lives unfold anymore than we8 know what is chance and what is planned.
    A life, with hindsight, can be viewed many different ways who is to choose between them?
    We are less in control of our lives than we think.


    • I agree we aren’t in control of our lives as much as we would like, but without the evidence there is no reason to believe it’s because of a higher power.
      And many people believe prayers are answered but with what proof? We know if someone prays for a loaf of bread it won’t appear in front of them. Or if they pray to win the lottery they won’t have the winning numbers every week. If people claim their prayers were answered it won’t hold much weight. There will always be coincidences.
      I’m just wanting to know the truth.


      • Thank you for replying.
        People will supply you with evidence.
        Here is a simple example.
        They prayed their child may get entry to a certain school and it happened. They cannot prove the prayer was answered and I cannot prove it was not.
        The truth in such a case is unknowable. It is in the mind of the person involved.
        Science is not concerned with truth just with rational explanation.
        Coincidence is only explicable by the laws of chance; it is unpredictable in the absolute.


      • Why would anyone believe that a God was involved in a child going to a certain school? This seems like an incredibly normal occurrence. I feel people ask very basic prayers so if they do come true, it seems like God played a part.


      • Yes but you are seeing things from your own point of view, others see things differently. We can interpret the reasons behind life as it unfolds however we wish.
        I’m a live and let live agnostic and I do not believe in any absolutes.
        What some believe and take as gospel seems crazy to me but in many cases we cannot disprove their beliefs.
        Now why people believe what they do is a deep question , but as long as they fit into society we don’t need to answer it. Misfits like members of ISIS are a different matter we need to understand their mind-set.


      • But these misfit ISIS members can justify their actions with various verses. Although they do not fit into society you could argue that they practice their religion with more conviction?
        And I cannot disprove anyone’s beliefs, but can they disprove my belief that Zeus answers my prayers daily? And would it be rude of me to expect anyone to?


      • You are right and you could argue ISIS have more conviction.
        That is the great problem with all religion it can produce a fixed mind-set which over rules the normal human conscience. This leads to a total inability to criticise ones self and then anything goes.
        Right again, disproof of beliefs is almost impossible; even education,which is often pointed to as a panicia, has little effect.
        It is important in the realitivly free secular west we do not allow religion to take over government or insist on particular laws to fit in with its beliefs. Practice of religion must be free only where it keeps within secular democratic law.


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