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This romance is dead 

I feel sorry for the love theists show to a God that blatantly doesn’t want to give it back.

Each day you post a blog article in favour of God is another day you are letting God sit back and relax. 

So now you show love to a God that doesn’t give it back. You are also deciding that you will spend your time standing up for him despite his immortality, infinite power and wisdom and his decision to be evasive.

Even if God is to exist, theism loses my respect. And that respect is much more than any God I gave been told about.

Facts that you can prove are not boring. 

What is boring is believing in a God that isn’t interested in showing himself to you.

What could possibly be less romantic than that?


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  1. Great post, AND… That title. It caught my eye, especially when I knew it was about atheism.

    God is probably the worst lover ever — since he isn’t real. He doesn’t seem to care about the people who love him so much.

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  2. Tonight was one of those really gorgeous nights, the kind that in the past I would spend standing in front of my home staring at the night sky, praying. I would just “talk to god.” Tonight was the first such night since I stopped talking like that. The instinct was there, and I had to fight it, realizing it was never praying. It was talking to the wind. It is sad, R.E. because there really are way to many people talking to the wind tonight.

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    • I guess there is a seemingly natural desire to do so, especially if it’s done so often it becomes the norm. Trust me, the more you opt out of doing it, the stranger it will feel to see others still doing it!

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