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This event defies all logic… It MUST have happened!

Miracles. Very hard to argue against because like God, we are told it’s simply out of our comprehension. 

Which is fine. If we are expected to believe in miracles yet remain unable to understand them, then fuck it. It’s not worth my time nor my respect.

Obviously however it’s much more simple than this. Those that believe in miracles fail to understand that in this unpredictable world, weird things are going to happen.

It would be weirder if we had complete consistency in anything. If weird occurances did not occur. 

Check out this baseball player dropping his bat.

You could say there is something more to this. Please dont! It makes much more sense to assume after millions of dropped bats, something like this is long overdue.

Instead of taking into account that miracles usually contradict logic and reason and therefore probably do not occur, theists believe it makes much more sense to assume they do happen but with the aid of a deity.

Despite knowing that people cannot walk on water or turn water into wine, if an ancient story tells us that someone could, it is more likely to have happened than not. Apparantly.

Not true. If you decide to believe something happened which contradicts the laws of nature without the evidence, what’s the reasoning? 

That’s right, bias.

Bias keeps the world religious. You refuse to believe bullshit on a daily basis but when the religion you were born into states something ridiculous, your desire for evidence and reasoning is turned on it’s head.

Maybe your grandchildren will realise the the hypocrisy here. Our society is still too reluctant to believe that the story we were brought up with from birth may be a lie. 

Thinking rationally is more satisfying than you may believe, give it a shot.


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  1. I note an assumption you’ve made in this blog; you state “when the religion someone is born into”. However, there are many, and I do mean many, in this world, who are coming to know Yeshua, the Messiah, aka Jesus Christ, and are willingly going to their death in refusal of denying Him, who were born into a completely opposite “religion”. Also, there are people who were complete atheists who have come to accept this same Deity as being God, the author of our creation. (and I’m thinking way beyond Lee Strobel, to others I have come to learn about).
    You and I were born into circumstances different than these of whom I am thinking–an assumption I feel safe to make as I’ve a fair idea of your circumstances, along with my own. So, you and I cannot compare to some of these–such as persons born in a strong Islamic (even radical) Islamic community.
    How do you argue their radical change of theist direction? Have you studied up on this?


    • Yes this does happen, but it isn’t exactly commonplace. Let’s face it on a planet with 7 billion people, we are bound to see people defying the trends. How do you feel about people seemingly moderate joining ISIS and converting to Islam? There are just as many people leaving religion altogether.


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