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The more complex something seems, the less I believe it was designed by God

The eye. Beautifully complex. Evolutionists marvel at millions of years of evolutionary change, creationists struggle to fathom something as complex as our vision to be anything but intelligently designed. 

A car is designed, do you really believe that it could come about without a deity at the wheel? No. But if a car is the best God can design, humans are already on the same level. It is easy to marvel at natures complexity and even easier to forget how much it can still be improved on. 

Theism to me, involves praising God as if he is perfect, without expecting perfection. To look at the eye, created by infinite wisdom whilst not questioning why we become crippled with pain if we step to close to an onion. Or why we go blind. Or why it takes so long for our eyes to readjust in the morning after a mere few hours sleep.

But back to complexity. We need complexity to improve on current models. Your watch is so much more complex than your ancestors sun dial. We also need complexity to manipulate nature in our favour. Is a space-shuttle sticking to the laws of gravity? Heck no, it rebels like a spoilt teenager. We don’t create such laws, we are governed by them.

If we are to name God as the govenor, he shouldn’t have to obey the laws of nature. God creates them. So why the need for such complexity? It’s a lot of effort, especially if that effort isn’t needed. What is the point in all of the various, fragile components making vision possible for example? Why not create an eye without the need?

When Christians claim the moon was put in orbit perfectly to control the tides, I scratch my head in confusion. So God decided to create a nature that required a gravitational pull from elsewhere, therefore deciding to plonk a giant rock at his chosen distance to accomplish this? Why does an omnipotent being need to rely on a giant paperweight to maintain order?

When I hear arguments on the topic of complexity, it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. From a theistic perspective, not so much. I’m more willing to hear an argument of design from an extra terrestrial race, and this is why. Alien life would still need to work with natural laws. God would be above that.


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  1. And our eye is complex, but not efficient. Designed objects specifically leave out extraneous things, and fix obvious design flaws. You’d never find a watch with a bunch of extra gears that don’t do anything, and the gears that are functioning doing it in an awkward way that maintains the design problems of ancient timepieces. Evolution is just a bodge job using only the parts on hand, reworking them until they are just good enough instead of starting over with an optimized design.

    That’s why our retinas are in backwards, and have a hole in them to allow the nerves to go through, leaving us with a blind spot. A properly designed retina (like squids have) would have the light-sensing cells facing forwards, the nerves coming out the back, and no blind spot. Also our backwards retina doesn’t stick very well to the cells behind it, so it can become detached, also causing blindness. And we have a drain that can get clogged up, causing glaucoma, and blindness. And our lenses get cloudy with age, and can’t renew themselves. A intelligent designer could have done a much better job on our eyes.

    Our bodies are full of examples like this. UN-intelligent design is more like it.


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