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What do you see?

If I told you this photo was taken on my IPhone…

Argh! Alcohol!! It’s against my religion!

Argh! The devil has manifested into a beer to try and enter me! 

When religion is involved, it isn’t uncommon for people to worry about things that aren’t actually threats, whist totally disregarding genuinely immoral issues. 

Would anyone consider the ‘evil’ IPhone more than likely made by slaves? I know, I own one (An iPhone, that is). But I would rather have my priorities sorted and highlight the genuine problems we face without being delayed by false ‘issues’.

Oh, and happy International Womens Day to my female readers 🙂


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  1. I grew up with this type of legalistic rules. I never could get a proper response to my question “Then why did Jesus turn water to wine?”. A real turning point in my life was when I was instructed to teach a class of 8 year old kids that Jesus turned the water into “grape juice”. “Whoa, wait a minute, you are instructing me to LIE!?” So, I was supposed to break one of the basic 10 (commandment) yet I could find NOWHERE in the Scriptures that alcohol is even commanded against! Hypocrisy anyone? Yet one more thing that led me to being skeptical and a seeker for actual truth. Like Jeffereson Bethke [why] I hate religion but love Jesus. Google it so hear and see a very good youtube. (I can share the link.)


    • The fact that you have to listen to other peoples interpretations of the Bible and have to seek the truth shows just how uninformative the Bible is. For a text that we should adhere to and claiming to be the answer it is terribly inconsistent and vague. Why has God been so bad at providing information?


      • Actually my “question” was meant to be taken rhetorical. My point was that if Jesus turned water to wine, then clearly wine was not “bad” (as I’d been taught to believe) and thus to be avoided as something evil. As a child I found the Bible to be rather difficult to understand because of my own lack of intellectual maturity. Interestingly there are others who, even in pre-adult stage of life are able to read the Bible and understand the teachings and messages contained therein. I am intelligent, but, as an adult, recognized I have challenges with processing some information that is not so difficult for others. (interestingly my son inherited this learning disability, despite an exceptionally high IQ score, so it was when he was tested and diagnosed, I realized what I had.). That said, as an adult I found, in reading the New Testament it was very understandable, (especially once I’d opened my mind by leaving behind the biases that came with previous legalistic teachings), even despite reading the KJV which is rather archaic language. So to suggest God is bad at providing information is actually not an accurate statement. Those who seek do find. Personally I very much enjoy learning from learned minds, but it’s still my responsibility to search (read and study) for myself to be sure what they say is accurate–which I often do.


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