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Dear God, it’s not just what you said, it’s the way you said it

If you were to be contacted by a top drone manufacturer, you would be less surprised if it was via drone than a method such as, let’s say, carrier pigeon.

The same if a guy turned up on on your doorstep on a BMX claiming to be a Ferrari employee. 

It would set alarm bells ringing if supposed companies used such feeble methods of communication. Why would these companies disregard their own world class technology when contacting it’s target market? Not that I am the target market for Ferrari, however the point still stands. 

The envelopes would go straight into the shredder. The BMXer would be politely turned away. It immediately feels like a scam, doesn’t it? Whoever is sending me these forged documents clearly cannot afford the technology  of the company it is clearly trying to pass as.

I’m typing this post in response to a comment I recently received. A blogger said to me in a response- ‘God wrote us a letter, why would we believe He wasn’t real?’

Because he wrote us a letter! I find it astonishing that this isn’t addressed enough. This theist clearly believes that God created the entire universe and the complex life in it, yet doesn’t question the fact that out of all the possibilities, a letter was the apparantly the best method to get a message across. 

I cannot take such an argument seriously. It sounds utterly ridiculous. A bad habit that theists need to shake is the mixed perceptions of Gods ability. One second we should all be praising his incomprehensible power. The next moment, I am ridiculed for questioning why I expect more from God than an outdated method of communication used in the 1900’s.

So, which is it?

‘God is the creator of all things’

Oh, okay. How do I hear about him, and why haven’t I realised this earlier?

‘You have to read the bible, it’s a book thousands of years old’

So I need to disregard all of the amazing technology available today to read a book. A book that God inspired. This is meant to convince me that God is superior to humans?

If it convinces you, think harder.


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