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A city with two stories

I walk down this road very often. A street of Victorian beauty, linking the city centre, overlooked by Earl Grey, to the quayside. Quite a steep street, generously boasting many of the cities best bars and restaurants. 

This wasn’t always the case, older generations have told stories of a time when the riverside was a no-go area. Ship building was a huge industry, some great ships were built on the Tyne including the Carpathia, a ship world-renowned for it’s role in rescuing 700 survivors of the sinking Titanic.

Looking at the first picture, you can see that the street gets pretty steep and winding underneath the huge railway bridge. This is very similar to the below picture. To be honest I saved this image a while ago and can no longer recall the location or source.

The street once as busy as the one I walk, now it’s eerily empty. Void of the human attention that raised it from the ground. This image helps me to connect with ongoing conflicts around the world, even if I do not feel the suffering and destruction first hand.

This image isn’t of Grey Street, but I would be silly to assume my city has some kind of immunity. Peace and stability provide a current vaccination here but like vaccinations, it isn’t a permanent fix. Hard work has to go into preparing for the worst, not if but when.

Images of war and footage of violence are so common that it doesn’t really make us stop and think. But every now and then one image in particular will hit home on a more personal level, helping us to associate with a place we try to disassociate with.

The fascinating images are the handywork of Lee Stoneman Photography and can be viewed in this link.


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