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I called on God today and he answered… Twice

Oh sorry, I meant to say I called two taxis today. One to get somewhere and one to get back. They both arrived on time and were very pleasant.

Isn’t it funny how taxi drivers are so much more efficient than a deity still worshipped thousands of years on? Communicating in a way that I actually respect, showing up when I need it? 

Today has been manic. I went to work on three hours sleep. I was on my feet from 6.45am to 8.30pm. I had an hour break, involving the two taxis mentioned above. One to take me to the therapy session (lasting the 45 minutes I had time for) and one back. 

On my way home I phoned an extremely close relative of mine regarding her troubles, mental health being a major factor and causing huge setbacks.

I finally get home to see the endless posts about this perfect world and this ‘perfect’ human ‘design’.

Why do theists embrace such a negative world, defending the God giving us a hard time? It’s either that or they turn a blind eye to any negativity, pretending it isnt there.

I honestly do not know which is more deplorable and uninspiring.


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  1. In my not so humble opinion, anyone who claims this world to be “perfect” is either highly disillusion, dishonest, or…I’m at a loss for another adjective. Any theist who tries to tell you, themselves or anyone else this world is perfect and that this world is how God originally intended, is, at the very least, very mistaken. They need to go back to the Book of Genesis and learn. This world we live in is corrupt, full of sin and sorrow and very contrary to it’s original design. Hence the term, it’s a “fallen” world. Mankind was given a will. Mankind rebelled against it’s creator. Mankind chose to sin. We still do; evidence is all around us. But God knew this would happen, and He had a plan from the beginning. His plan is in the works. What we endure now, sucks. But it will be made right in time.


      • My son questioned me in a similar fashion. He asked why didn’t God just destroy his first two creations and create two more. I didn’t have an answer, then, to what I considered a very reasonable question. Fast forward a few years to a month ago. I was reading a book titled “Safe People”. I don’t recall what it was I read, and I have no idea how my mind made a correlation as the book is not a “religious” book. Right after having the thought, I said to my husband, who was in the room (but had nothing to do with the topic in my brain), that I just came to the belief the reason God didn’t destroy his first two creations is because it wouldn’t have mattered because, by our very nature, we human beings are all willful and fallible. I believe we prove this on a daily basis. No matter what we know; no matter what our value system is, we still willfully go against what we believe to be “right”–not all the time nor in every instance, but we still seem to fall short of our ideals; it’s in our human nature.


      • But why should we be punished if it’s in our nature? We cannot help the urges we feel, our nature was created by God and can surely be changed by God?


      • I believe that to be true; I do believe our nature can be changed by God. However, that change is not forced upon us. There is a verse, Revelation 3:20 that says: “I stand at the door and knock”. The meaning is that God (Yeshua) stands at the door of mankind’s heart, desiring fellowship with us, but he will not force His way in. It is up to us to open the “door” of our heart. It’s all about choice–we get to choose our path in life. We get to choose who and what we will follow. Life is short; I believe it’s what comes after this mortal experience that really matters.


  2. To gdhayes… If god wouldn’t just eliminate ( kill ) the first two humans he created due to the fact it was our nature, then why do the flood and kill all except one family, whose morals if you follow the story were rather corrupt also? The bible is full of times that the God of the bible kills for little or no reason, wipes out any and all he wishes, encourages rape and torture along with slavery, and has no concern for the nature of the rest he leaves to live. To me the way you put it makes no sense, and the bible is full of immorality and corruption by the very people held up to be examples of the way we are to live. Hugs

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    • Scottie, please provide specific examples and scripture of where God encourages rape and torture, slavery and the like. I am aware of many evils told of in the Bible but I am not aware of any time when God endorses that evil. I most definitely am aware of people of that time period who did as they willed and went against God by doing their evil acts. As for wiping out an evil civilization, I find it interesting that mortal beings see this as if it were an example of a horrible evil. I suppose this is because we are designed to value mortal life so highly. In the case of the great flood, those people had been warned and warned and warned again. They turned a blind eye and a deaf ear as they willfully rebelled by continuing in their evil ways to such a degree the whole society was extremely wicked so much so that the children didn’t stand a chance. Personally I can see where a child would be much better off in the presence of God rather than being raised in an environment where they are abused, tortured, used as sex slaves and the like. As for the adults who abused children, personally I’d wipe them out myself were it my choice–but I’m not the creator of such people; I don’t give life so it’s not my privilege to take it away. However, I have no issue in seeing why God chose to do so, where those people showed, by way of their choices and acts that they were way beyond redemption.


      • Personally I hate to ever say what is in another’s mind, but in this response you either are not familiar with the entire bible or you are being deceptive. I understand, for years as a child I was taken to sunday school, bible classes, youth groups and even church school, where we learned the parts of the bible they wanted us to learn, the parts supporting our own beliefs, the parts saying god is great, and holy and loves us. We never read, learned nor studied the parts where it was contradictory or the parts of incest or rape.
        You asked about slavery, here is just one page.
        I would encourage you to go to Aron Ra’s YouTube channel and watch his videos on the morality of the bible, very enlightening. here is one on child abuse.. Here is another on rape.
        I also know one place where Moses, yes that loved and wonderful guy tells his people to slaughter all the men, men children, the the women who have known men,. but keep the little girls for themselves… yes take the little girls as trophy slaves to rape, and trophy wives. The bible encourages many wives, many different arrangements of marriage. The idea of one man and one woman is not a biblical concept, but one of man. Here is the complete explanation.

        One last thing on your biblical god and children. As I said above I was taught often the parts of the bible they wanted us to know, the view they wanted us to have, of a loving god who cared greatly for kids, protected them, kept them from harm… however every time I was beaten, every time I was raped, even long after I knew he wouldn’t save me nor would he come and I KNEW he was just made up, I cried, I prayed as hard as I could I begged him to stop it, I bed a god, any god any one, to keep it from happening again. No god came, no deity helped, no one stopped the pain, the broken bones, the torn … well enough or I will trigger myself and I just don’t need that. I think you can understand why I simply don’t believe in gods, especially the god of the bible, and that he cared one lick about what was happening to me and my siblings. I have to go, I am way to upset and I want to have a nice night. If your god gives you comfort and grace, good for you. Peace be unto you, may harmony find you and stay with you all your life. But know what your holy book really says. I don’t mind people having personal beliefs, just keep them out of schools, out of civil governments and laws, and stop using them to deny rights to others. Hugs

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  3. I am sorry I got so upset at the end I hit post without proof reading what I wrote. It should not have said “bed a god..” but “begged ….” You may find other examples of misspellings and typos as talking about my abuse gets me that upset. Please try to over look them. Hugs

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  4. Scottie, I appreciate your kindness. I also appreciate the resources shared and I will research what you included. I also appreciate you sharing a bit of your personal experience, both because I find it allows human beings to connect to one another when we are more transparent but also because, sadly, I can relate. Like you, my childhood was fraught with painful abuse. I was not raped, but I was sexually molested by a father whom I have strong reason to believe was raped in his family of origin. (events put me in a tight spot where I blew the whistle on my dad–something I’d never have done otherwise–which prevented the situation from escalating further than where it was already escalating). My older brother and I were frequently beaten physically, which caused a lifetime of emotional pain, for each of us. That said, from what you shared, I don’t think my situation compares to yours, and I’m not trying to. I think I just want you to know I feel your pain and I’m very sorry for what you had to experience. I don’t understand why we have to suffer these things, but I do believe there is a source for this and other horrors of humanity; I believe it’s evil and I believe it originates from a being who hates God and hates humanity. I appreciate you not attacking me and calling me a liar as another blogger effectively did in the not so distant past. I am not a liar, but I am also not a Bible scholar. I learn daily as I seek to learn daily, but I also recognize there is much more to learn. When it comes to the old Testament, there is likely a lot I’m not entirely familiar with. Thus it is I will look into what you have shared. In the meantime, while I respect your belief there is no God, I find I want for you to feel the peace that I have come to find which I believe has made a huge difference in my life. I believe it’s the peace promised to humanity, as stated in the New Testament, as being that given to us from Jesus (Yeshua). Whatever it’s source, I wish if for you as I know how painful my life was without it. Hugs back to you.

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    • I am sorry I did not see this until now. I will respond. However it is my birthday weekend and Ron is taking me out to eat in a little while and sadly these subjects are too emotionally upsetting for me to get into just before such a great night. Just a couple of quick things. I wouldn’t insult you, or call you a liar unless you gave me cause, which you did not. You have stated your position, your understanding clearly and with grace and I am not a mind reader so I won’t put motives to people until they show them to me. I don’t feel anything is accomplished in personal attacks. I once had a teacher tell me if you have to resort to name calling you have already lost the argument and any credibility you may have had. In fact if you have a belief that brings you peace and calms the emotions of your past I am supportive, I just don’t want those who use that belief as a club to beat me and my fellows down until we submit to their rule. Lastly never feel your abuse is a less than situation. All abuse affects different people differently. I did not come out of mine as strong as some did theirs, but we are all different, and no matter what others went through your experiences is just as valid. Surviving abuse is not a contest, it is a life time struggle for most of us. Some do better than others. Some never succeed in dealing with it, and it terrorizes them for their entire life, and some use it to become the strongest most rock solid people ever. It depends on what is inside you, your personality, your coping ways, not what was done. I know people who suffered far more than me that went on to become stronger than I ever can. I know those who were slightly touched once and it ruined their view of life. You wished for me to find peace and I will share more of that with you when I next write, however the peace I found was only in the arms of my husband of 26 years. He has been my rock, my savior, my reasons for not ending it all, he has stood by me in rages, in nightmares where I am screaming, he suffered at first because I couldn’t tell him of my childhood, and would strike out sometimes in bed ( in fear and having flashbacks, to this day he can not put his arms around me in anyway that will hold my own arms or hands down or I will freak out, even with him who has protected me and kept me safe all these years ) , and he learned how to wake me from the flashbacks without getting hurt or having me harm him. He has learned what to ask, when and how. The road for him has not been easy. I had a bad time several years ago where I started self harming again. I tried to keep it from him, but that did not work. He dealt with it. He has done so much and when years ago I finally broke down and told him some of it, I still can not bring myself to tell it all, he had already figured it out. Well I just wanted you to know I have found as much peace as I can and I am healing, I no longer self harm, but I don’t want to spoil my night so I will get back to you. Be well and safe until then. Hugs

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      • Thank you. Rather tired out today. Trying to get back into the swing of blogging and everything else, but to tell the truth all I want to do is sleep. Be well Hugs . Oh on a side note I will soon be posting a post on a street preacher trying to force his views on all the gay patrons of a gay club. Despite the fact it is just a dance club while down the street is a straight nude bar they are not worried about. It shows me the fallacy of “christians just want tolerance”. However I also know not all christians would do such offencive acts as the people in these videos, so for those who are tolerant, don’t take the post personally. It is not about religion so much as intolerance. Hugs


    • Regarding your conversation, I cannot justify using a flood to clean the slate. Drowning, I can only imagine, would be a horrific fate. When people choose euthanasia, or have to put an animal down, we do it in a much more humane way. Wouldn’t it be awful to drown them? Especially for a God that can do anything. Also, I’m sorry to hear about the experiences you have both went through.


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