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Has Jesus ever played Chinese whispers?

Speaking with a fellow blogger today, I received this comment on an earlier post of mine. It is in relation to my question, would Jesus use social media if alive today?

After telling me Jesus is in fact alive,  this followed


This would be a terrible method of communication. If such an important message is to be spread throughout the world, relying on a few to tell the masses, it is a disaster waiting to happen. In an old place of work, a team building excersise highlighted the importance of communication to me. Seven or eight of us stood in a line and a message was whispered into the first persons ear. A simple message. When the last person stated aloud what he or she believed was said, it differed considerably. 

We are all adults here, it’s common sense to understand how innefective such a method of communication is.

This also reminds me of a segment of this pretty funny, fairly rude, comedy panel show here in the UK, Celebrity Juice.

The challenge? Read the lips of the person speaking to you and pass it on…

In the words of Hitchens..

‘What kind of designer or creator only chooses to “reveal” himself to semi-stupefied peasants in desert regions?’

And why should we be surprised if it isn’t effective?


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  1. In my first marriage, I was married to a man who was notorious for claiming my stated memories were not true and that I was crazy. This man was abusive in many respects; a more common term to describe his behavior is narcissistic. Anyhow, what he, apparently, didn’t take into account was that I had a long time habit of keeping a written journal. Back then we didn’t even own a computer, let alone have all the abilities one offers us now. So, my journal keeping was done via my handwritten record of events onto a paper filled bound book. So, rather then relying on memory, I could go back into these books (which I’m still in possession of) and search the dated, written entries, and re-read the events of a particular incident. I came to be very thankful for these written records as otherwise, the man likely could have driven me to a level of insanity, as there were times I seriously doubted myself.
    I’m familiar with these games where people relay from person to person. Another type of this is called gossip–a reckless means of translating information, also.
    This is why I find verified written records to be much more reliable than mere spoken word. However, if spoken word can be backed up by verifiable written word, then I think it worth some credence.

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    • Sorry to hear. Written records are useful, like in your case, the problem with written records is when someone gives another person information and that second person records it… That’s when the problems arise!


      • Agreed. That was a concern of mine for a time. I questioned how was one to fully trust records if they were written long years after the fact. Then I read the book by Lee Strobel; the legal journalist who did the investigative research. I learned much of what is written has been established to be firsthand–contrary to what is being believed or stated by some. I’d have to read the book again to quote just how this was established; I just know what I did read was enough to convince me, as it seemed legit.


      • I have started watching a video with him in it and I already feel something’s not right. He states in it that when he was an atheist he didn’t like the ‘evidence’ for Jesus/God because he didn’t want there to be one.
        This is a typical argument from Christian apologists, a lot of them start with ‘I used to be an atheist, until…’, which I believe is meant to give the argument against an atheistic world view more credit. Don’t forget there is a lot of money to be made from Christianity. It’s a big business. Some pastors have private jets and mansions. It wouldn’t surprise me if half of these people are atheists making money from believers. There are so many people out there that will buy his books even if they didn’t provide great evidence, just because it fits in the preferred belief. Call me bias, but this guy already seems dodgy to me. I don’t get paid to be an atheist and scientists will still get paid well if they were to find God so they don’t have to be against religion. Christian authors however will always make money from people that buy books wanting to believe.


      • I can’t argue the statement about money being made off religion. I’ve noticed that and it bothers me. I compare it to the impressions I get when I read of Jesus when He sojourned on earth. The way he went about His business is, in my opinion, very contrary to what I see of some self-proclaimed Christian’s behavior, attitudes and apparent belief systems.


      • Why is God content with false Christians being wealthy and living life to the full when ‘true’ Christians suffer daily?


      • I can’t speak for one whom I am not, however, this is the way I believe it both on teachings of others as well as my own seeking to understand. This life is short; I’ve heard it likened to a vapor. I see that as to look back on my life, I am amazed how quickly the decades seem to have passed. So, assuming this life is actually somewhat a stopover on our way to eternity, then, by comparison it really is a short duration. I think God allows mankind both to choose the path we will follow as well as to reap the spoils that result in what we choose–because if we set our hearts on the things of this world, then basically that will be our reward. Considering how short life is, that’s really not much of a reward–especially considering no one is guaranteed another day; we/they could die in our/their sleep tonight, or be hit by a train tomorrow. On the other hand, those who choose to live their life loving and serving mankind, which translates into loving and serving God–are storing up treasures in heaven, rather than setting the heart of the things of this world. Jesus promised those who follow him will have an eternity to enjoy the blessings that last, as opposed to the things of this life that are short lived. In the meantime, while I’ve never been wealthy, I’ve always had what I need, and what matters most–friends, loved ones, etc. I’d not even want all the “stuff” filthy rich people have. And have you ever noticed how many of the rich are still so unhappy–even to the point of some ending their lives. So, that’s my two bits on it. 🙂

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      • But you are one of the lucky ones, able to live a life of freedom. God doesn’t grant everyone the chance, such as those born into slavery past and present.
        I appreciate the honesty in your words though, and I can’t stop you from believing what you want to believe. I’m just here to try to give you another insight 🙂


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