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Edinburgh: Haggis cheeseburgers anyone?

As you may be aware I have been absent from WordPress today (sorry!), I had a 6.30am journey to the train station en route to Edinburgh to spend a day with family.

It’s now just after midnight and I’m one cold, tired blogger.

Edinburgh is a beautiful (currently freezing) city. 


Very multicultural however there was one thing on the menu I had to try…
A cheeseburger with a top layer of haggis, it was as delicious as it was filling. 

Well I thought so.

As I type this I’m realising I forgot to grab a deep fried Mars bar whilst I was up there, I’m sure it will be worth the train journey back again.

Have any of my readers tried any interesting foods? I haven’t been the most adventurous in comparison to the food blogs out there but there isn’t much I will turn down. Frog legs and salt and vinegar flavoured crickets are probably the best example of interesting foods I’ve tried. Any vegan/vegetarian examples?


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    • I feel very lucky to live in the UK when I consider our architecture. I appreciated it a lot more when I left Europe and came back, we have some great history here.


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