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‘The end of atheism’? XD

There is a movement called ‘The End of Atheism’ that I have seen in response to the book The End of Faith by Sam Harris.

It would be much more inspirational to me if God would just show himself and declare the end of atheism. But he doesn’t. Instead WordPressers will devote their free, unpaid time to the boss that doesn’t work for himself. 

I wonder if they put that on their CV’s?!

Résumé, for those outside of my postcode.

Postcode, meaning zip code, for those outside of my… you get the idea.


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  1. In a way, I’d love to see the “end of atheism”. But only by means of having belief in gods decline so much that we no longer have to have a word for disbelief.

    We don’t have a big movement for “lack of belief in ice giants” because we don’t have enough people with a positive belief in ice-giants to make that necessary. When belief in other gods also reaches that point, I’ll be glad to see the end of a need for “atheism”, it will just be the new norm.

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