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There’s honesty in my atheism

What gives me the impression that atheism consists of much more honesty, open mindedness and unbias in comparison to theism is our view on life. A life with very little time to enjoy. 

Countless members of the opposition have insisted that I simply want to ignore the truth. That I want to believe there’s nothing after death. That I will never see my dad again. That I want to risk an eternal life of pain and misery if it means I get to annoy God. 

I struggle to believe that anyone would think this is desired by me, or any atheist. Heck, I struggle to maintain my sanity when I am stuck in a long queue, what would I do in an undesirable place for an infinitely longer amount of time? The truth is, I am an atheist because it seems much more logical to be. The God you speak of doesn’t speak for himself for a reason. He either doesn’t care or he isn’t there. Either way your argument isn’t respected by me.

Unlike theists that very much want to see lost loved ones again, want to believe in an afterlife and want to believe in praise for good obedience, atheism does not carry such emotional and fearful baggage heavily influencing an ideology.

I miss my dad. If there was a chance to see him again I would jump to it. Who wouldn’t?! The reason I don’t believe I can is because there’s very little to suggest I will. It is NOT because I do not want to. 

Please understand, respect an consider that.


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  1. I think there are many today who look at the world and cannot find sufficient evidence to believe.
    Complex scientific and philosophic arguments mean little to most but life itself teaches us.
    We don’t need absolute proof ( if there is such a thing ) living itself is proof enough.


    • There is the slimmest of chances of so many theories being true. If I decided to take on board every possibility that had a slim chance, I would be taking my attention away from what has the backing of evidence. It’s nice to think ‘what if’ and I will always be open to change if necessary, but not until there is enough evidence. Thank you for your kind words though.


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