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Why atheism is more logical, respectable and irrefutable than theism

I struggle to understand why I should spend my life looking for a God that created our race? It’s like looking for a parent that abandoned us. Some people search as they can’t stand the pain of being without a figure to look up to, but does this make God moral or worthy of such attention?

Maybe God isn’t as intelligent or as strong as perceived and cannot contact us. In this case, why should I bother to worship or be convinced praise is required? If this God is to exist, searching isn’t so bad. But worshipping? This is unnecessary and undeserving. To state that nothing can prove or disprove God is a terrible argument from a theist perspective. You could spend a million years trying to prove Zeus doesn’t exist, you will get nowhere. There could be zero evidence yet there will always be an Ancient Greek enthusiast that says ‘well, maybe Zeus is testing us?’ or ‘maybe Zeus is out of our comprehension?’ wrongfully satisfied after providing such a response. In this case, stop searching! You look like a donkey chasing a carrot dangling from a string. And everytime you argue that humans-strictly limited in our abilities to detect so many things- should be searching for a God with infinitely more potential, I shake my head in disbelief. 

Imagine your house on fire, firefighters turn up to the scene.

After a quick discussion, all parties come to the mutual conclusion that you are the best person to put the fire out with your pan of cold water and aggressive foot stomping. This is how I feel when I hear someone ask ‘Have you honestly considered the perspective of theists that are searching for God?’. Every.Single.Time.

It’s much easier and more logical to simply assume he doesn’t exist, and much more respectable to refrain from giving God the attention if he chooses to remain hidden.


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