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I got spammed!!

Firstly, my egg cracked open in the box this morning. 

That, was an inconvenience. 

Secondly, I look at my notifications to find my comments on a specific blog have been deleted and spammed!

I understand that this is his blog and he can say what he wants, to pick and choose what comments he approves. I won’t do that, unless I get true spam clogging up my inbox and turning the attention away from readers with actual opinions. 

What annoyed me was the nature of the post. It was a slight dig at atheism, nothing major but certainly enough for someone to feel the need to add their two cents.

When I commented, I was perceived as the nasty one. One reason given was that it was his blog, and he can say what he wants on it. True. But if I was to have ‘Theists Are Dumb!’ signs hanging outside of my home, I’m expecting some level of dialogue with those that disagree. I would have that coming. I want to state that I would not have such signs up, I do not want to offend and I have many theist friends and relatives. But my point is, if you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones!

Why do theists feel it is acceptable to post about atheism but play the victim card when they receive similar treatment?!


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  1. Funny that isn’t it? I let them comment on my blog and often respond, but then when trying to comment on theirs our comments get blocked. It’s almost as if they don’t want a rational person putting their rational arguments across to their audience. I wonder why?

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  2. Just wait for someone to say god was giving you a warning. He cracked that egg to let you know he’s following you, and not liking what he reads on your blog.

    Best wishes. I really enjoy your posts.

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    • How did I miss all the signs! It’s all so obvious now 😉 Funnily enough someone mentioned to me in a comment on their post yesterday ‘there is a reason you have been drawn to a Christian post’… Yes, it was in the atheism section.

      Thank you so much, it means a lot to me!

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