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How can anyone be so content with the possibility of a sibling going to hell?!

Check out this comment, I hope you find it as disgusting as I do.

You misunderstand. You’re not being mocked, but rather, I have concern for your eternal soul. You will notice that my last statement called for prayer for your lost soul. That was a serious statement, and one I’ve made to my own sister, who, unfortunately, is an atheist. She, too, is rather defensive But I pray for her anyway, and I’ll pray for you, too. It’s no accident that you stumbled upon a Christian blog.

To pray for a sibling means you are asking God for forgiveness. Not condemning God for threatening your sister, instead accepting his decision and wondering if despite her poor ‘choice’, she may be spared. 

I would not think twice about standing by my families decisions in life. They have been there for me everytime I’ve needed them. To be okay with a family member being sent to hell to please a deity that I haven’t met would be an appaling choice and one made by someone badly lacking a backbone.

We live amongst some deeply immoral people, so immoral they do not even know it.


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  1. Honestly, I think what these statements mean has more to do with personal dominance than any intellectual stance on the nature of Hell or the moral qualities of God. When people do that, they are indicating flat-out dismissal of those they pray for.

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  2. I went, and still going, through something similar. I might write a post about it.

    To be honest, I can’t fully understand how. One part of it is that she and I are seen as “misguided”; people who deny the “truth” despite it being so “obvious” and therefore it is an appropriate punishment to be condemned to hell.

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      • ‘she’ as the person you wrote about 🙂
        My family are the ones who say that I am misguided. My experience is very interesting and heartbreaking, I will write about it soon


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