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Buzz Lightyear exists, even if you don’t like Toy Story

If you say God exists whether or not I believe in him, this doesn’t actually mean he exists. It simply means you really, really want to push this point across.

There are so many fictional beings that I could stress exists even if you don’t believe in them. Sadly, this doesn’t make any of them spring into existence. 

Oh, and the second part sounds more like anti-theism to me. This doesn’t prevent people from believing in God, the lack of evidence does. If there was such evidence, the people that didn’t believe in God would probably start to believe, instead they would disagree with God.


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  1. It must be very comforting for them to think the first part. Then they can just dismiss out of hand those who don’t believe without all that nasty responsibility to actually answer questions or demonstrate the truth of what they believe. The second part is just a poorly and thinly veiled threat of eternal torment for those would dare question or disbelieve what they are unwilling and unable to prove


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