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If I swear in a blog comment, don’t be offended…

…As I feel you have probably said something much more offensive. There a countless blogs on this site that are more than happy to declare that certain individuals are destined for hell, or at least consider the possibility. An endless punishment not necessarily for being an immoral person but for disagreeing with Gods version of morality.

Am I a bad person for getting emotional and rather annoyed? That my fellow humans are willing to accept their brothers and sisters may meet such a disgusting fate? Open to the possibility with little to no objection or anger, despite never meeting the God that supposedly favours this?

I refuse to feel bad for getting animated in a comment or discussion and I will continue to do so until people realise harm to humans is not acceptable in any way, shape or form.

It is no where near as harmful as the torture, execution and discrimination going on in the name of the religion you support whilst turning a blind eye.

If you disagree, fuck you. 


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