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What I have learned this Super Bowl 

It’s 2am here, a few things I’ve learned this Super Bowl:

-50% of Brits fail to stay awake long enough to see the half time show. Not out of boredom, it’s just our bodies are confused as f**k as to why we have decided that this Monday morning we will stay awake til 4am.

-San Fransisco looks beautiful. When I am back in the States I will make sure I visit this city.

-I’m still unsure of the rules regarding fumbling, being on the ground, the bit when a player puts his knee on the ground after a kick… I know Google is my friend, maybe I’ll bite the bullet and do a little research this time.

-the game keeps getting interrupted by yellow projectiles. Crowd control, please!

-I miss tailgating. If the English Premier League had anything like that it would be great.

-Still not sure how the teams are decided. Another huge neglect of Google search.

-Britain doesn’t do cheerleading. Maybe we should make it a university course.

-I’m still awake, so I must be enjoying it. I hope you are too, wherever you are.

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  1. I’m still watching too but because it’s such a slow game (so many stoppages) I have to have something to do otherwise I’d be bored. Consider the Super Bowl the Cup Final except only the best clubs from league play get invited to the tournament.

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    • I was practicing my guitar playing, which helped keep me alert and not fall asleep and kept me occupied during the stoppages. I watched til the very last minute as it seems like it could be Peyton Mannings last game!?


  2. I’m kind of surprised they don’t offset the broadcast time until the morning or something. Also some explanations:

    The reason why players take a knee in the end zone is because it’s an automatic touchback. This puts the ball on the 20 yard line. It also means that players who catch the kick off in the end zone have to decide if they can make it past the 20 or not.

    And there were a lot of penalties this game. Unfortunately the Super Bowl either has a bunch of them, or just a few.

    Finally, the stoppages in play are conveniently timed so you can smack talk about how awesome your favorite team is without having to miss the game. It’s a hell of a lot more fun when you’re actually at a game, knocking back a few cold ones, and have other fans to make fun of.

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