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Keep telling me how awful a Godless world would be, what does it prove?

Some of the arguments I encounter when looking through WP posts are:

-X is what would happen in a Godless society (x being something bad)

-If there is no God, morality is pretty much a free-for-all

-If there is no God and death is the end, what is the point of living?

-Without a God, why should I refrain from murder, rape etc?

-Society has always placed religion on a pedestal, why should we change it now?

What do all of these arguments have in common? They in no way convince me that a God exists. Zero evidence is needed when presenting these points, they are all fuelled by what believers want to believe, the idea of a world worse off without God. The world is worse off without Robocop, should I therefore argue that Robocop exists?


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