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The universe has had billions of years of preparation before your birth, respect that

With only a few decades (at best) to observe the universe, it’s easy to forget how our short lifespan has taken a shit tonne of evolution.

A belief that the world is simply too perfect without a creator gives the false and arrogant assumption that life started when we left the womb. If it looks too good to be formed naturally, it cannot be. Billions of years of progress is going to bring order without the need of intelligent guidance. But if Steve, a taxi driver in his 35 years of life tells me that we are too complex without a creator, I don’t think he is contemplating the billions of years before him.

Picture someone walking up the escalators from a New York subway station. Someone previously unaware of modern day civilisation, a member of an isolated tribe. He steps out onto the side walk for the very first time, looking in disbelief at the organised chaos around him. The grid road systems. The synchronisation of traffic lights. The mammoth high rises effortlessly piercing the clouds above.

“Hang on, this couldn’t have just ‘happened’. It’s way too perfect. There must be some kind of designer.”

There wasn’t a designer, instead millions of individual contributions. There were many smaller designs in the process, not some Sim-City style creation that this person wrongly assumes. It took much, much longer than a simple copy/paste job. This would be a very arrogant way to think. It was the observers first time seeing the city, failing to take into account the hundreds of years of planning and development prior to it’s current state. The contributions of past aren’t acknowledged. Worse than that, they are ridiculed as a ridiculous way of thinking. This dude rocks up and forgets that there has been event upon event upon event before his arrival.

The past was an immense length of time. Look into it and try to consider the almost incomprehensible number of occurances that have taken place. It’s impossible to picture each and every one or even know for that matter. It is very easy however to acknowledge this was in fact the case and understand that despite it being beyond our capabilities, it would be ridiculous to think otherwise.

The universe has had billions of years of a head start over you. To come into the universe and claim it possesses too much order means that you are disregarding any events that took place before your birth. Your lifetime is the tip of a gargantuan iceberg.

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