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Is ReligionErased too aggressive?

So, I have been thinking of a slight name change. As my readers will be aware my website is although I go by the user R.E.

I would love my blog to gain more views. This is why we all blog. But what I do not want to do is alienate the group I would rather debate with. I want to hear from as many religious folk as I do atheists. Admittedly, I have previously adopted a more patronising/aggressive strategy to get my views across, my first few posts although mild in comparison to other sites probably wouldn’t be very inspirational to those that disagree with me. 

I still chat to many theists, but does the blog name Religion Erased hold many back from being willing to have a conversation? R.E is a great alternative as it is an acronym for religious education. Does it sound like I want to go on an atheist rampage, violently wiping out any ideologies that stand in my way when you read my blog name?

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  1. It doesn’t sound too aggressive to me… I thought of it as religion was erased from your mind or something to that effect. Which sounds good to me. But R.E. is a good work-around to draw in more people.

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    • Thanks for your input remysike. I have stated previously that it meant religion was erased from my life so you are bang on with that. Although theists have perceived it differently. I’m still considering!


  2. The UU’s use “RE” to mean “religious exploration”, so I think the abbreviation is good.

    I think it depends on who you are wanting to attract. An aggressive name might be more likely to attract those brainwashed preachers who are out to defend their religion against those “evil atheists” who are persecuting them soooo much. If you like arguments with this sort, then I’d keep what you have. If you are looking to talk with theists who might be on the fence about it, or starting to have doubts, then maybe a change is in order. But I don’t know what would be a good name to change to. Did you have any ideas?

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    • Thanks Ubi, I think that I would prefer a civil conversation with those on the fence. Ones that I feel could be influenced to alternate ways of thinking. And I was just thinking of shortening ReligionErased to R.E. Nothing else 🙂

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  3. I love the idea of naming your blog RE and then incorporating education, erased and exploration into the description so that it’s more inclusive. BUT I don’t think your blog is too aggressive, personally.

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    • Cheers for taking the time to help me out. I agree, I don’t think my content is aggressive, but if theists don’t like the name they aren’t going to give the time to read any content. I think R.E is a more neutral gateway into my thoughts 🙂


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