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If science can make a case for God, why can’t God?

I have more respect for aliens that are unable to make contact with us than a God that refuses to. 

Some thoughts on this post, Does science make a case for God? 

In particular, I wanted to comment on this segment:

So while claiming they (atheists) can’t believe in God because of a lack of evidence, they nevertheless still believe in aliens without any evidence revealing their God unbelief is not about the science.

Some people are atheists, some are anti-theists. Some due to lack of evidence or science, some question morality. We are not expected to believe that aliens watch over us and govern the laws of physics. Aliens do not desire to be loved and worshipped and threaten us with hell if we do not. If extra terrestrials claimed to have created the Bible, I would be much more critical towards them without evidence.

On the seemingly designed Solar System the author states:

One of them is a planet like Jupiter living in the neighborhood. Jupiter is 1,300 times bigger than earth and because of it immense gravitational pull serves as the earth’s protector drawing away tens of thousands of asteroids that would have pummeled the earth.

Why does God need to plonk a giant planet in orbit of the sun to protect Earth? It seems like a very illogical approach. I have never understood why God would create such a workload to prevent asteroid collisions with Earth instead of using the time to take asteroids out of the equation entirely? It would be like starting a fire in the house and putting a fire extinguisher next to it. Would you marvel at my intelligence as I put the fire in an area with equipment that would help minimise the spread, or question why I created the fire in the first place?

Back to alien life. We could be the only life out there but it seems much, much more illogical to think so in this vast, infinite expanse. In such an incomprehensible space, is it any wonder why life forms would be unable to make contact? I have more respect for aliens that cannot contact us than a God that refuses to.


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  1. We are Patten seeking primates whos ability to discern agency in the world around them even when none exists has allowed us to survive when other species have gone extinct. There may indeed be a god, gods Or whatever, but science will ever prove to be a poor bedfellow to Faith. They don’t run in the same crowd and wouldn’t be able to get along if they did.
    I wish my former brothers in Christ would realize how much they actually deny the faith they try to defend when they lie and deceive others into believing that we ever believed in Christ by scientific evidence. They deny Faith by trying to support it by science and they distort science in order to force it to serve faith


  2. Since we only have circumstantial evidence for both aliens and the Christian god, I don’t “believe” in either. However, the circumstantial evidence for aliens, specifically the extremely large number of stars and planets in the universe, leads me to believe that the odds for the existence of aliens are much higher than that of God. I have seen some apologists claim that our pattern-seeking and agency-detection abilities referred to by KIA above as evidence for God, that he designed us to sense him. But, as KIA states, there’s a simpler explanation for that evidence.

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