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If I didn’t listen to people, how would I know about the Bible?

Figure this one out. A paradoxical comment from someone telling me not to listen to people but to read the Bible instead.

If I didn’t listen to him, I wouldn’t know about the Bible. But he tells me I need to read the Bible and that I shouldn’t listen to people. So should I do as he says?

This is why it’s much easier to ignore people that tell me to read the Bible.



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  1. Of course, the expect that you will read the bible inside of their understanding.
    David koresh and Luther, Jim Jones and John Piper, John Calvin and Harold camping all read the same bible, but arrived at very different conclusions as to meaning… All by the same ‘unction that you have received, teaches all things that you don’t need a man to teach you’
    The same ‘comforter from the father that will remind you of what I have said and lead you into all truth’
    The absolute idiocy and arrogance of simple minded Christians telling you ‘just read the bible’ when they don’t even do so without human/denominational commentaries and helps

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  2. I do advise reading the bible ( is a great source for multiple versions ). It’s one of the fastest ways I know to become an atheist. Most of the Christians I know haven’t read the entire bible, relying on pastors/priests to tell them what it says. Those who have read the bible merrily pick and choose what parts to declare from their god and which parts to ignore since they find them inconvenient. Of course, all of them claim that their version is the OneTrueChrisitanity and they are contradicting each other constantly. It’s a great big of evidence that Christianity (and other religions for that matter) are nothing but myths invented by humans.

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