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A common flaw in theist logic

Religious belief has more flaws than a skyscraper, which sounds so much better if you say it out loud instead of reading it.

Something I read too much on wordpress is criticism of evolution. This would be fine if it was done in an honest and unbiased way. But no; this is never the case. The last post I read ridiculed evolution and ended with a little Christian ass kissing.

But hang on, even if the arguments against evolution are appropriate, how the hell does this help religion? 

When theists find a supposed ‘flaw’ in evolution, I look at the beliefs that are distorting an individuals reality and preventing any logical, independent thinking. If they already have a set belief, it makes it much harder for me to be convinced by the argument. How does criticising evolution provide credibility to religion? And which religion in particular does it help? Oh of course, the religion you so happen to believe in. Who could have guessed that…

‘This species goes against X and Y in evolutionary biology. Therefore evolution is a myth and God must be the only alternative.’

It does not work like that. If you want to be taken seriously outside of your delusional circle, refrain from going down this nonsensical road.


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