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Yes, religion played a huge role in history. So what?

 ‘Atheists are fools because they discount as rubbish the existential experiences and scientific data that led millions (perhaps billions) of people before them to believe in the necessity of a Creator.’

Those living in civilisations long gone did not know as much as we do today. Should I reconsider the human sacrifice and barbaric rituals from the Aztecs? Which of the countless Gods should I cherry pick?

Humans shared the same life experiences, perceiving them in many different ways. Because of limited knowledge and understanding, the events we can easily explain today were perceived as supernatural, or work of the Gods. Can you imagine our ancestors experiencing a volcanic eruption? Watch this incredible footage of a recent eruption. Probably the best out there, you can almost feel the power…

Unbelievable. I understand how and why eruptions occur but this does not take anything away from such a breathtaking spectacle. I fully understand why past humans believed this was the work of a deity. Rocks the size of houses flying through the air as if they are nothing. A deafening shockwave that can move clouds. 

They had little else to consider other than a higher power, so should we take the volcano God seriously? Not any more. Many scientists in history believed in a God, no discovery or theory from the scientists pointed to a specific God however. No scientist has said ‘look, the Christian God, I’ve found him!’ There was no scientific breakthrough in which Zeus was discovered. So if a scientist concluded in a belief in God, I can only show respect if they don’t turn to the religion of their society, as this would show bias and is so often the case.

Muslims perceive personal experiences as a message from Allah. Christians feel the same and associate it with God. This is two seperate individuals, in the same moment in time, analysing a phenomenon in two completely seperate ways. This instantly devalues the credibility of both. All it takes is for one to have a seperate belief system and the supposed experience from the other faith doesn’t quite seem as universal as it did. 

I do not mind if someone argues the case for a God. It is when they try to convince me of a certain God of an organised religion, that is when the claim falls through. To choose one God in particular is pure guesswork, and when the value of evidence is completely disregarded.


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