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False Evidence Appearing Real.

Any thoughts on this?


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  1. Sounds like a pretty typical motivational speaker. “Overcome your fears, be more courageous, I have a clever catch-phrase!”

    Sometimes fear just gets in our way, but sometimes it’s our brain telling us that the thing we are considering doing is probably a really bad idea. As for “False Evidence Appearing Real” the best response to that is critical thinking, not just a general exhortation to “be braver”.

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    • Agreed, I think this speaker was talking more of our career aspirations and dreams and how not to worry about failing than the genuine life threatening situations that we try to avoid. I’m much more motivated to risk things career wise than life-wise!


  2. Sometimes it’s false evidence. Sometimes it’s very real. It would be foolish to not fear anything at all. Sometimes fear is the warning signal that we ignore to our peril.
    The key is not to drive our fear, but to use it as a tool, learn to recognize real vs irrational fears.

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  3. I agree to the point made by KIA. Well said. Fear needs to be examined in the greater depth. In some cases fear motivates a person to learn and to dive into certain things even more. I see that fear has its own positive and negative qualities.

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