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Is the Big Bang and evolution any more ‘accidental’ than God?

It’s a question that I ask so often, with little response. When theists take pride in being created, the same cannot be said for their creator. 

Is the big bang any more ‘accidental’ than God? One cannot state that a deity was always there and uncreated without the point still standing. So many belivers that I talk to make the point that a world that was created has more purpose and meaning than one without. It seems that creation is a product of an accident, just as evolution is.


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  1. When I was a young boy in the fifties my dad used to tune the radio into the talks given by Fred Hoyle.
    Hoyle believed in the steady -state theory which was with out beginning or end. There is always a snag and it needed the constant creation of matter to enable the steady expansion. Its a job for us solid down to earth humans to take something for nothing seriously. It seems miraculous and makes scientists shudder, but they prefer it to bland statements like God did it.
    Of course saying God did it shows that the religious mind is just as uneasy about something appearing out of nowhere as the scientific one.

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