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Theists, do you enjoy God playing hard to get?

We have all been taught the same thing when it comes to potential partners- treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen. Playing hard to get keeps the pursuer interested. God is no exception, you believers love a deity that leads you on…


The woman asks in prayer ‘Who are you God?’. God replies ‘I am’.

Stop right there, I don’t have time for that shit. If someone is going to mess me around with such an answer, I’m no longer interested. I mean I wasn’t interested in that way to begin with as a heterosexual male, yet the arrogance in the reply needs a mention.

The second half of the meme is equally painful. Vague vagueness. 

How about your deity stops messing about and actually gives us fact? Where he is. Where he originated. How long he has been there for. What his genuine intentions are. What language he speaks in. What accent. Where my deceased relatives are. Will I see them in the future. Why he does not intervene during war. Why the sins of the first humans apply to us today…

Are you okay with a God that does not provide such answers? I am not… a God that messes with his creation should not be given the time of day.


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