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Militant atheism is much safer than religious fundamentalism

An Islamic fanatic, a crazy Christian and a militant atheist walk into a bar. The jihadist tells all the women to leave, the Christian swaps everyones beer with a bible, the atheist…

Would persuade the manager to let the women stay and throw out the misogynist, at the same time throwing the bibles back at the Christian before enjoying a beer and a chat over the sports game. 

I see so many posts about a rise of militant atheism and the predicted threat on society. The worry is about as warranted as Buzz Lightyears when Woody removes his helmet without warning. 

Argh! I can’t breathe!!! Oh wait, yes I can. This isn’t so bad after all.

Let’s look at the latest figures on British church attendance. 98.6% do not attend, this is a lot of non religious people. No doubt the labels in which the 98.6% use will vary from non-religious to atheist to Jedi. Although most will not accept the ‘militant’ in militant atheist, a lot more will declare themselves as atheist. 

Fundamentalist religious folk are a problem. This can be seen daily. Suicide bombs, protests against equal rights, Sharia Law and threats of eternal damnation. We have to be as thankful as we are critical to the moderates of faith for not taking everything they read literally. Fuel for the extremist fire is present within scripture and it only takes a little brain washing to unleash the inner arsonist. ‘Little’ you may say is an exaggeration but it doesn’t take brain surgery or the governments latest MK Ultra style drug experimentation for people to think irrationally.

Militant atheists are more vocal, that is obvious. The difference between the fundamentalist atheist and believer? Atheism does not have anything to take out of context or violent scripture to adhere to. Militant atheists will, erm, read The God Delusion more than once? Preach science with more passion? The only threat to believers fom the rise of atheism is evidence and the weight of such evidence on beliefs. Feel free to get offended by this but the damage is self inflicted. No one likes change but we need change to evolve. It’s as true for your workplace as it is for your beliefs. 

The militant atheist will usually be found on camera, although the recording will not end with a severed head in the bloody hands of a masked terrorist. It will usually end with a shake of hands and at worst, a difference of opinion. Conversation with a militant atheist will be around a table with a coffee in hand. Conversation with an Islamic extremists usually involves a gun or knife. 

At this point I need to bring up the inevitable. The point that atheists too commit crime and all kinds of immoral practices. Of course they do, no human is immune from evil regardless of upbringing. The point I desperately try to get across (along with so many other bloggers) is that if someone acts immorally without a belief in God, we know mental health issues are involved. If God isn’t telling them to commit crime, what is? 

A believer may be moderate and if this person is immoral, religion may not play a role. I understand and accept this as best I can, along with atheist crime. There are times- and we all know these times are incredibly frequent- when religion plays the lead role in attrocities the world over. When adults fully accept that what they are doing is down to religion and that it is justified through said religion. I have had conversations with believers that have a very healthy mental state, respectable job, telling me that I will burn in hell for not believing in God. To function so well within society despite such irrational and immoral beliefs, religion seems to be the catalyst. Bin Laden was a highly intelligent man from an extremely wealthy family, it would be fascinating to see how his life would have played out without religious instruction.

For good people to do bad things, that takes religion‘. 

This popular quote has a lot of truth behind it. We carry out immoral acts against other humans because we are confident Gods morality is just. How about we scrap assuming what God wants and focus on our own version of morality? Militant atheists conversation involves this discussion. An encounter with a religious extremists? You do not make it to the discussion stage.


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