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Is this true?

I hope someone can confirm this. Apparently in the States every canned drink has an outline of West Virginia on the lid.

I can’t remember this being the case when I briefly lived in Texas, is it just West Virginia thing or was I just too drunk to notice it myself?!

Does anywhere else have something similar to this?


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  1. Apparently it has to do with excise taxes. The Can Manufacturers Institute says:
    Currently only West Virginia levies an excise tax on soft drinks and requires that soft drink packaging visibly indicate that the tax has been paid by the distributor. West Virginia law requires that an outline of the state be inscribed in a 1/4 inch circle on the can end. The State of West Virginia now allows soft drink distributors who are bonded in the state to ink-jet the tax information on the bottoms of cans. The product is in compliance if “WV1″ is ink-jetted on the bottom regardless of the inscribed outline of the state.” reference:

    I’m in Virginia, and just checked a can. It’s the same – WV inscribed on the top.

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  2. It also might have to do with the local bottling/canning companies. Here in Alabama, I have yet to see a can with the state of West Virginia stamp on it. So, only companies that expect to do business in West Virginia might be putting it on there.

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      • That is correct that Coca-Cola wouldn’t have to stamp outside of West Virginia. However, Coca-Cola has regional bottling plants all over the country. Some of those plants are probably situated on or near West Virginia, and so they might decide to just stamp it anyways if they think their products will sell inside West Virginia. Furthermore, if a company is exporting cans from a place that stamps the West Virginia stamp, people will get cans with the stamp on them.

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