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If you ban women and homosexuals from purchasing your products, don’t complain about low sales figures

98.6% of us Brits do not attend church, and I wonder why…Is this down to the growth of non religion or a growing Muslim population? Both no doubt are having an effect, so the news leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth. It is great to see that less people are choosing to spend Sundays worshiping but it is a shame to see the rise of another religion that deserves equal criticism. 

John Bingham- the Religious Affairs Editor of The Telegraph- put together this piece after new statistics show that attendance numbers are down to 765,000, figures down 22,000 from a previous study. 


It is estimated that through old age and death alone, the church loses one percent of it’s attendees every year. I have another theory as to why the church is losing numbers so rapidly. Let’s look at the current crisis meeting in which this slump was addressed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The meeting to discuss the ‘issue’ of homosexuality.

If topics such as equal status for women and homosexuals have to be discussed, is there any question as to why less and less people feel any desire to attend church? Whether 1 in 100 British people are gay or one in ten (depending on what stats you look at) and with pretty much half of the population being female, that’s an awful lot of potential attendees that probably feel a little excluded. I would not ban black people from purchasing my products and then complain about low sales. If you are going to discriminate against people, don’t have the nerve to then talk of your disappointment when it affects you, your business or establishment.

Photo Credit: I have used this great featured image a few times now, more of Stefan Kunze can be found over at Unsplash.


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