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Thought on the “Interesting” People of Hell

Should this convince me that heaven is a destination I want to go to? All it does is make me thankful that such a place probably doesn’t exist, and that some people really need to stop supporting a belief that claims to be capable of such suffering.

investigative apologetics

Atheists often quip that even if a hell where they are separated from God exists, they will not mind going there, for all the interesting people are in hell, and meeting such people and discussing with them would be a rather good time they say, and yet what is not realized is that in an eternity of time, and understanding that familiarity breeds contempt in men still open to sin (as they are in hell), and in contemplating the fact that the interesting things such interesting people will have to say shall be completed in what seems like a blink of the eye when compared to the eternity of hell, then one begins to realize that in hell, the interesting people shall soon lose their interest, and your interest in them shall soon morph into cold contempt and tortured hatred as you relive and hear the same thing from them over…

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  1. No, religionerased, it is meant to stop atheists from making moronic and snide comments about something that they clearly have not though much about.

    And, quite frankly, I couldn’t give a rats ass if you want to go to hell or not. God was gracious enough to grant you with the free choice to make that call, so who am I to block you from doing so?

    It’s like me telling you to get out of the middle of the street because a bus is barrelling towards you. If I tell you once or twice (and assuming you are of sound mind), and you don’t wish to get out of the way, well, I am happy to then wipe the dust from the bottom of my feet and leave you to your decision. You are an adult after all.


  2. it would seem, that to actually have a valid and reasonable threat or ‘warning’ as it were of the harm of going out into the street and being hit by your Hell Truck, you should be required and responsible to demonstrate such a Truck actually exists.

    so… we’re waiting… go ahead, demonstrate that such a place actually exists in reality without using the bible as ‘evidence’. shouldn’t be hard for someone who so clearly estimates his own intelligence more than ours. in short… put up or shut up.

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  3. This only stresses that some atheists are looking forward to torturing christians, who are apparently the only ones that qualify for such a treatment. Those atheists are NOT good people.


    • I have no idea which atheists you are talking about. If there’s no hell, then nobody is going to be tortured. When we’re dead, we’ll just all be dead, and nobody will be spending eternity doing anything.

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      • If the purpose of atheists is to stress that there is heaven nor hell, they shouldn’t take pride in wanting to go to either one, I find.


      • I think we can say that we don’t think there’s a heaven or hell, but also at the same time talk about how the christians’ description of heaven and hell are very implausible. Pointing out that their descriptions of heaven sound awful awful and boring, and that hell sounds much preferable is a perfectly valid criticism.

        I think the idea is to nudge christians into actually thinking about what they’ve been told, instead of just accepting it.

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      • Even though I do not believe in an afterlife, I often post as if I do. I helps me to question the beliefs of theists by painting a scenario that they can see themselves in and then incorporate the factors that I want to question.

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  4. I would disagree. It would seem that Christians like the apologist relishes in the idea of his god torturing people that refuse his good hearted offer of salvation from his torture. This Christian apologist and those like him are the ones looking forward to the eternal torture of atheists and non Christians, by the way the two are not always the same, and enjoy threatening others with said eternal torment in a place they can’t even demonstrate to actually exist in reality.

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