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Why would I want to teach my children about the fall?

Is it wrong to leave religion out of our science classes, or goddamn common sense?

I have been having a conversation on here with a blogger that would like religion and science to be given equal respect in school, or at least more of a free choice to decide on different beliefs. Two problems with this that I find are:

  1. Think of the numbers- How can we realistically teach over four thousand religions to students, ensuring no bias is given and each gets an equal amount of time to be taught? 
  2. Are the religions worthy of such respect?- Would you be happy telling kids that they begin to crumble in old age because they deserve it as sinner? Would that make you a responsible and inspirational adult?

This is why I do not want religion to be taught in science classrooms, I’m more than happy to hear arguments against this. 


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  1. There’s no room in science class for religion of any kind. Science is about following the evidence where it leads, even if it doesn’t lead to the conclusion you wanted, and then checking your work again and again, just to be sure. Religion is about ignoring evidence if it doesn’t match up with what you already think, and about never ever changing your mind, ever. Kids should get the basics of science in their science classes, and religion in their church (if they have one). Trying to reconcile them, or choose between the two, is probably best left until college classes, when that kind of thinking things through is the point.


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