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This poem. I like it a lot.

Barking In The Dark

Nature is my staff                  

Atheist Atom Symbol (gold) Atheist Atom Symbol  (Photo credit: WikipediaThe universe my rod

The Universe my rod

I find religion’s  notion

Of what God is

To be odd

The first Gods were creations

By people who could see

That there are things far greater

Than them, or you, or me

These Gods – they represented

The “spirits” all around

The thunder, lightning, rainfall

Trees, fish, the sacred ground

The Aboriginal people

Thought these – and more – “divine”

Respected all their power

And took them as a sign

And somewhere in antiquity

Someone with big ideas

Thought if these engendered awe

They’d then engender fears

And so it came to pass

That someone else built on that plan

And shifted awe of nature

To awe of some “sky man”

No longer were the spirits

Of mountains and of trees

Revered as sacred beings

That brought men to their knees

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