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Beer, chicken wings and religious debate

What do you and your friends talk about when you are in the bar? The latest sports scores? Perhaps the pretty girl across the room. If you’re like my mates, it usually ends in two areas. Religion and politics. 

Almost everytime I am out with my group, we tend to drift through these topics of conversation… always ending on some huge debate on life’s issues that seemingly appear from nowhere. The most heated and deep conversations emerging later in the evening, after a few to many beers render us incapable of walking and a lot more time to think as we sway in our seats. Most of the group share similar views so the conversations (usually) end well. On the way home this evening I remembered having an old conversation about intelligent design in a bar with these friends.

If there is a time when our own vulnerability makes itself known, it is walking in the middle of the night through the streets to our home. The freezing cold weather enough to numb the fingers and slur speech. The darkness emphasising shining stars, highlighting how much of a small pocket our world takes up in the galaxy, let alone universe. 

‘I cant wait to be home, back into the warmth and safety!’ We say as we battle through the elements, exposed without the human advancements we take for granted to keep us sheltered at a comfortable temperature and in a much more relaxed state. If intelligent design is true, the design isn’t something I am happy with at this moment in time. Freezing, hungry, tired, numb. What would I be like if I was totally naked right now?! Even our clothes are proof that our ‘design’ isn’t good enough. When technology makes us feel at our most content, our high spirits are used to praise a God that didn’t contribute at all.

I know I’m not the only one to have this thinking when intoxicated, just one of the few to blog about it when the hangover kicks in.


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  1. Well, there are certainly parts of the world where clothing against the elements isn’t necessary. But those areas are a pretty small fraction of the potentially habitable surface of our world, which is a pretty small fraction of the total surface of our world. So that would throw the “universe is fine-tuned for us” argument right out!

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