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Religion will have a damaging effect if taught in school

Religion should be taught in Religious Education, not science. 

It doesn’t help my case to say that we do not know everything in subjects such as science, much of what is taught today will be laughed at in the future. People do not like choice, they like a quick answer. This is why I do not want intelligent design or organised religion taught in schools. It’s a lazy answer. 

‘Teacher, where did we come from?’ 

‘We came from God, he made us.’ 

What does the student learn here?There is no thinking involved and that is why it is so easy to follow. If we did think about intelligent design we would question the flaws of the human body and ask why they couldn’t have been intelligently designed, we eat and breathe through the same hole for crying out loud! A two year old died in a Pizza Hut just around the corner from me recently, choking to death on a grape. Tragic, and proof that the body is designed, it was designed very poorly. 

I want kids to question what they are taught, and only give a theory credit when credit is due. Instead of using Christianity (as an example) as a possible theory I want kids to ridicule it for it’s claims. If this religion is to be true, why is God so weak that he cannot prove it to us, resorting in humans having to debate it amongst themselves? If we are doing all the work, why should we worship any one else? 

Religious belief has made humans resort to do all the work despite feeling the need to worship, and this is wrong.
If a more atheist approach is taken in schools, students will have a much more open mind. Atheism is simply rejecting current claims until there is enough evidence. We all know atheism is as much a belief as not collecting stamps is a hobby. A class could collectively label themselves as atheists and have completely seprerate views on the universe, without the primitive stories we have been told for thousands of years.

Religion may provide a quick answer, but it inspires a generation to worship without reward.


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  1. Religious beliefs should be taught in “comparative religion” classes only. Kids should learn about all of the worlds major religions, and be able to identify the basic beliefs and practices of each. Publicly-funded schools have no business pushing sectarian beliefs in any class.

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  2. I am English and an old man 74.
    The great problem with education is its been made into a golden calf purported to solve all difficulties.
    Slowly but shorely it has been extended and stretched to engulf everyone. The curriculum has been widened beyond belief and the leaving age gone up and up.
    Religion is a private matter and should not be taught in schools.
    Those who wish to enter higher education should be allowed to do so if they are suitable, and those who wish to leave at sixteen should be allowed that freedom.
    Practical minded students dont need quadratic theory ( I wonder who does). More practical workshops for the unacademic majority.
    Lets stop pretending we can all have careers in theoretical physics. Or that we all need to be familiar with the details of evolutionary biology.

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    • Great to meet you kaptonok 🙂
      There’s lots of things I was taught in school which have been of no use to 99% of the class, then and now.
      More practical lessons would be good for the first hand experience of going straight into work instead of higher education, I wish I had more practical lessons in many subjects! Although I did go into further education.


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