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If God was on the TV show Catfish…

You have probably seen the show, a couple of guys travel across America to film online couples meeting for the first time. If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you now have a fairly good idea of what to expect. 

The show is so engrossing because of the mystery. Is the person about to answer the door genuine? Will they match the image they portrayed or will the attractive young blonde turn out to be an old pervert? Its enough to make the hairs stand on end.

What is the worry anyway? There is a whole a camera crew there recording every second of the encounter, the worst that can happen is the person lied about their appearance and identity and they both go their seperate ways. A brief and uncomfortable encounter but will quickly be forgotten. The same cannot be said for religious belief. God is that mysterious person on the other side of the ‘conversation’, you are told what to expect but you are not to know until you finally meet. This should ring alarm bells, for this is not an encounter than can be simply walked away from. This is supposedly an encounter that will last an eternity, once we commit there is no going back. Oddly enough billions of people are happy to take this risk. Not knowing the identity of God, not speaking to God. Simply told what to expect and going along with the ride both blind and oblivious.


We show caution to strangers even if we have talked to them first, so why do we completely disregard any possible threat from meeting a God that we have only heard rumours about? A god that will watch over us for eternity?


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