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Christmas vs New Year

Does anyone look forward to New Year more than Christmas? I’m currently at work having this debate with some colleagues. 

Some of my work buddies don’t celebrate Christmas due to culture/religion so that’s a no brainer.

Atheists- do you prefer New Year as it is free from religious references or is Christmas still favoured?

I think I still prefer Christmas, although New Year is a nice little celebration before the January blues!


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  1. I don’t really care much about New Years, personally. On the other hand, I have all sorts of mixed feelings about Christmas. The only reason I celebrate Christmas is that my family does. As this is my first Christmas as a completely open atheist, I find myself trying to go out of my way to show my family that this doesn’t mean I can’t still participate in the usual family Christmas traditions. But it’s still a religious holiday and I find the whole thing a bit stifling.

    I decided to celebrate the winter solstice on my own, which helped me feel like I’m not abandoning my integrity by also celebrating Christmas for my family.

    In any case, I’m quite glad that Christmas is over.

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    • I always hear the same questions by religious followers, such as why do I celebrate Christmas if I don’t believe in God? But I then ask them, what part of your Christmas celebrations involve religious practices? I don’t know anyone my age that prays, reads the bible, attends church or speaks of god over the Christmas period. They are too busy shopping for the latest gifts and getting drunk!

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    • A holiday DOESNT have to be about religion even if its origins are. As an Open atheist you should focus more on it being a holiday for giving, togetherness, and the celebration of the winter season! Being an atheist DOESNT mean missing out! consider it a late solstice celebration!


      • No, it doesn’t. But I grew up with it as a religious holiday. I’ve been trying to enjoy it like I used to, but I find it’s just not as fun as it used to be. If it weren’t for my family I wouldn’t celebrate it at all, and I wouldn’t consider that missing out, either.


      • I too grew up with it as religious holiday, i just think your focusing too much on the religious aspect and not making it about things that are important to you and your beliefs. but hey you do you.


      • With every year that’s been and gone, each Christmas has felt led and less ‘Christmassy’. I also enjoy it for the time off work, as it is one of the only times of the year that I see some of my family old friends 🙂

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  2. I like Christmas better. Haven’t celebrated for years. But I like the decorations around town and the stores. Plus I have a Christmas sweatshirt to show off. And there is a chance one might be invited to some parties or just some hot chocolate in a bank lobby. 🙂
    But if you don’t have an invite to New Year’s parties………there is no second chance. 😦
    Hope you have a date lined up??? My household will be lucky to make it to 9 PM.

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  3. I prefer Christmas. Its full of kindness, love, sharing, friendship, giving, and recieving. Kindness is kindness no matter where it comes from. Yes i could definitely go with less religion around it, but i still enjoy it more. To me all new years consists of is partying which definitely isn’t my thing. I hope to start making new years more about the new this year and continue it on. Christmas will still come first. And YES i DO call it christmas when i celebrate it.

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  4. I strongly prefer New Year’s to Christmas since it’s always been secular and there’s a lot more drinking involved but I prefer the December Solstice to New Years since it’s a planetary holiday and thus nothing to do with any of our human cultures.

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