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Those that know Jesus

They don’t know Jesus. They cannot prove it with a selfie, they cannot prove it with a detailed description of Jesus’ looks, accent, tone of voice, height, weight, dress sense…

The list goes on. But despite such a huge canyon of empty claims in the town of Noevidenceville (population 1 billion), we are not being respectful if we have our own doubts. 

People know Jesus in the same way that they know they will win the lottery. You know, that feeling. 


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  1. You must realize, you speak of things that you know nothing about. Why? Why take the time? Does it scare you that much? Just trying to understand the reasoning behind why you claim to know what I know, when in fact, you don’t. You’re allowed to think what you want. But do you really know literally everything, such that you know without a doubt, that God does not exist? You have examined literally everything, have learned literally everything, and know for a fact that there is no God? Because it’s not me that you are upset at. It’s the God you don’t believe I. But that’s your right. BTW, by the time you know all that’s required to know that God doesn’t exist, then you have made yourself God. Uh oh. That could be a problem. Will you write about how you don’t exist? Just following your logic to its conclusion. The bottom line is that you don’t know about God’s existence any more than any else. We all find out letter. Some of us will be happy with our belief. Some won’t. Don’t worry. Be happy. You’re way smarter than me. I just hope I’m right. You know you are. Must be nice, huh?


    • I don’t know I’m right, I just look for what is obvious. I do not see a point in searching, as a religion claiming to be superior should not require a search. It would be apparant, and understood with ease. Why should i do the searching? It isn’t my problem and it isn’t yours either, you have decided to make it your problem, probably to save yourself from a very undeserving punishment.
      I do not know everything there is to know, nor don’t know enough to know there isn’t a god. If I spent my time looking everywhere for such evidence, and did the same with every other religion claiming something similar, my whole life would be used up in a blind search.
      Is it worth it? For me personally, no.


      • But you do think you’re right – because you say something totally different that what Christianity says. Only someone who claims to be right can say that it’s wrong. You just don’t even know yourself. It’s you that misunderstands me. It has nothing to do with avoiding punishment. Maybe if you could get beyond that, you could start to see what really is obvious. Until then – you will continue to be blissfully ignorant in your arrogance of being right. BTW – you are still searching as well – otherwise why keep writing about something that doesn’t exist? I still cannot understand that. You have decided to make it your problem, by claiming so loudly that it isn’t! Why not spend you life on something that you at least believe is real? Why keep railing against something and someone that you don’t even know the first thing about? It seems such as waste.

        God still loves you – as do I. I’ll pray for your eyes. Maybe you can start a blog called religionfound when you see what is obvious. He’s waiting for you. You don’t have to search. All you have to do is honestly and truly ask for Him to show Himself. But if you’re not honest, He won’t. And that’s the real problem. You aren’t the first to feel like you do. Whether you change your mind or not – you won’t be the last either. But al least you still have time to change your mind. Think about it. Reality is real – whether you choose to accept it or not.

        Good bye.


  2. Whichgodsaves…
    Interesting moniker, but I digress.
    Most of us, probably including the blog author do in fact know where you are coming from because we were there. We are not now because we DO now know MORE than you do. The claim is not ‘god does not exist’ but rather ‘it has not been show or demonstrated that the biblical god exists’
    However, if you have proof or Evidence or a ‘selfie’ if you will… please, proceed. Leave the passive agressive/defensive B S aside and offer your proof for consideration of ‘the God who saves’

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