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If a man has the ability to overpower a woman, why shouldn’t he?

In an old hotel job I witnessed a domestic assault. When we confronted the male, he boldly declared ‘but she is my wife?!’, confused that we had even addressed the situation. This was the topic in my post Witnessing discrimination first hand.

If he has the ability to overpower his wife, why shouldn’t he be allowed to?

I mean, much of the logic behind religious belief is that God is all powerful, therefore he deserves the authority over us. If a God wants to break our legs, he may do so without question.

It shouldn’t be too hard to see why this is a horrible way to think. Why should the strongest make the rules? Did you like the school bully making his authority known on the playground? Maybe you were that bully. Do you like gangs roaming the streets claiming territory, successful because no one can- or will- stand up to them?

Because someone is stronger than you does not mean you should bow down to them. Because someone supposedly created morality does not mean this morality is perfect or absolute. If a God created morals, we can still object. If we as a species suffer or are made to surrender due to our inferiority, this should not be seen as acceptable simply because ‘God made the rules, duh!’.

Do parents have the right to beat their children because they can? No. 

Does a husband get to beat his wife because he gets away with it? No.

Do you have to surrender and bow down to God because he demands respect?

Guess what… you don’t!


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