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If this woman goes to heaven, there is no way in hell I want to join her up there

Check out this racist rant. Two Brazillian guys are filming for a YouTube video, that is until a religious fanatic shows up…

The men seem to be recording for the YouTube channel UH-OH MONKEY and no doubt this incident has done more good than harm.

The two Brazillian guys get mistaken for terrorists. As the filming is near an airport, she assumes that they are recording planes to remember 9/11. Not very wise to assume considering that it is the very first time she had ever met them, and didn’t even give them a chance to introduce themselves.

Hardly a beautiful soul. Is this the kind of ranting I am expecting to hear in the afterlife? The afterlife I have been rewarded with?! No thanks.

Warning- plenty of wild accusations of homosexual activity and multiple mentions of the Middle East, although I am still unsure as to why.


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  1. One thing that worries me is that this woman, who apparently has some deep mental problems, apparently has a driver’s license. Shouldn’t they have a sanity requirement for getting a license? She has a Florida plate, so at least I’m not likely to encounter her anywhere in my area. Watch out, Floridians!

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