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Most intelligent people are not atheists?

The Spectator has posted an article with some pretty bold statements. A post that has been picked up (and criticised) by the British Humanist Association.

Go get ’em, BHA!

Below is a segment that reflects the desire for BHA to respond.

The ultimate irony, needless to say, is that Charles Darwin said he believed in God. Let’s face it: most intelligent people believe in God, as did most world leaders in the past.

Does it not dawn on the author(s) that world leaders need to show support for the religious beliefs of the wider community to have any chance of being elected? When a survey found that in the United States atheists were trusted as much as rapists, there was no surprise that most world leaders describe themselves as religious.

On top of this, why use the ideology of those in the past to help support your beliefs in the present? The past is full of ideas and beliefs that needed updating, evidence of this can be seen everywhere.


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  1. What politicians really believe and the beliefs they have to present to get elected are often widely different.
    One of the most detestable phrases is ‘ we are responding to what the British public voted for.’
    ‘Friends, Romans , countrymen , I come to bury Caesar not to praise him’ he then does nothing but praise him to gain the crowd.

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    • Exactly. If people realised that the people they are electing don’t actually believe the same thing as them a lot of the time and understand that it is about gaining votes, maybe they will start to think a little more independently.


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