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Thank you Philip DeFranco for defending atheism!

Did you see the most cringe worthy moment of the week, if not the century? Steve Harvey incorrectly crowned Colombia as Miss Universe, instead of the Phillipines. Incase you missed it, here it is.

I know who the presenter is but I don’t know much about him, that was until Philip DeFranco called him an arrogant dick in a facebook post. As this isn’t on YouTube (I don’t believe) the video can be watched here.

He claims anyone that believes in a Godless universe is an idiot, and he seems pretty damn certain of that. Sometimes confidence can give you the edge in an argument but he gives off a very arrogant vibe. 

Talkshow host: ‘An atheist is someone that doesn’t quite believe there is a God up there’

Harvey: ‘Well to me that person is an idiot’

Well Steve, if you are born into a Christian country saying grace before every meal, pledging allegiance to a flag and using currency that states ‘In God We Trust’, those that think differently to you aren’t idiots. They can just see when they are being influenced into a belief system.

P.S, this is his attempt of an apology on Twitter for the Miss Universe fiasco.


Great spelling Steve.


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