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Do spiders make it to Heaven?

I feel sorry for spiders in a sense. Not as much as the fly caught in its beautifully weaved web, I cannot imagine a fate, or sight, more frightening than that.

Spiders from birth are driven by their instincs, like we are. They need to survive like we do, and to do so they kill their prey in gruesome fashion. It’s cruel, but it’s what they are programmed to do. Does this make arachnids immoral? About as immoral as we are for wearing leather boots and eating bacon sandwiches. We get to heaven despite this, so why do we view spiders as evil, ugly creatures that deserve a quick end with a rolled up newspaper?

In my childhood I felt a sense of duty to rescue flies from such webs, but in a way I felt I was wrong for doing so. A bit like taking food away from the homeless. It needs to eat like I do.

Life is cruel, especially when the food chain is taken into consideration. As it’s nature I have to accept it, however I will never stop questioning why it is acceptable to say it is the design and structure of a creator.


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  1. Quite right nature is red in tooth and claw, but only man can be evil.
    Like you in this thoughtful piece we examine our actions or if you like we are self- aware.
    We have a conscience as your piece demonstrates and it often conflicts with our instinct of survival
    Vegitarians and vegans give up eating animals many of them due to conscience.
    Unlike animals that fit into the food chain some of us are uneasy about the chain. We want free range eggs and humanely farmed meat.
    Some believe it is the design of a creator even those who accept evolution may still believe that.


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