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I refuse to believe shark attacks occur because if they did they would be terrible!

Like everyone, I want to know whether or not God exists. It is part of our nature, although our nature swings understandably towards the idea of an afterlife. This doesn’t mean there is one, it simply means we want to continue on with what we are used to experiencing, in this case consciousness. It is common knowledge that we fear what we don’t know.

I encounter many arguments along the way, some that drift off into completely seperate arguments entirely. The subject of morality does just this. The claim is that without God, all civilisation will start to crumble. Selfishness and cruelty will replace manners and love, not that I believe this one bit. 

You are free to argue that without a god we will no longer show compassion, but this does nothing to help prove a deity exists. The only outcome of this claim is to find out how humanity would react if such a thing could be proved. 

So without a God the world would be a very undesirable place to live? What you are basically saying by this is that you believe what sounds more desirable to you. The amount you desire something does not increase the likeliness of it’s existence.

I don’t like the idea of sharks attacking me if I swim in the ocean, although I highly doubt scientists will accept this as a credible argument.

The ‘moral compass’ argument will send you in the wrong direction, don’t be misled by it.


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