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Kids growing up believe hell is acceptable 

This cut-out may be a funny joke but that doesn’t take away the fact that billions of children grow up to genuinely threaten others with eternal damnation. 

I see this kind of joke as a ticking time bomb. If kids grow up believing it is acceptable for others to be punished for their beliefs (or lack of) it is extremely difficult help them view from another perspective. I see this everyday speaking to adults that have been down this exact road!

I previously posted another story/piece of Christian propaganda, with a no doubt fictional conversation taking place on a flight between a young girl and an atheist. Of course the young kid is pictured as having an overwhelmingly advanced amount of wit and life experience in comparison to the adult, despite this the argument still isn’t very convincing to a skeptic.

I am all for a funny joke or article, as long as it stays that way. Sadly, a lot of the time it doesn’t, many jokes are used as ammunition rather than humour.


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  1. there was a time where I would have thought this was a funny joke and told the girl “Yeah… you tell him” but lately, I just feel guilty and horrible that I ever encouraged such behavior and threats of eternal punishment.

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