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If I cross this finely tuned earth in my intelligently designed body, how long would I last?

Finely tuned? It’s more comparable to the TV you owned in the 90’s, needing a whack for the image to re-emerge. Mind you, if that was the only television you had ever seen it may incorrectly be perceived as perfect.

When the claim is made that earth, or universe, is too ‘finely tuned’ to be without a creator, what is it being compared to?

Photo: NASA

It’s useless to say the moon, or mars, as they are currently too inhospitable for life. We need to find a planet with life thriving to help determine. Our Earth may sustain life but it is in no way perfect. If you see a mere 75 year life expectancy without any room for improvement, find room for improvement. 

Harsh conditions in Antarctica render it almost uninhabitable, resulting in a smaller population than Africa. Does this mean Africa is perfect for life? I am rather confident much of it isn’t. Earth containing life does not make it perfect for life, but because we haven’t found another planet with living organisms, the misconception continues to thrive.

It can be argued that insects and other animals live where we are unable to, the world having a great balance despite a lack of human presence. This however puts the intelligent design argument in jeopardy. If I cross this finely tuned earth in my intelligently designed body, how long would I last? 

Green boots: One of many preserved bodies marking the way to Everest’s summit.

Was I designed to stay within the boundaries of my own birthplace? It seems much more logical to suggest that organisms have adapted to environments over an immense amount of time, not designed to survive in a certain environment and then thrown right in.  

I love the above image. It hits the nail on the head much quicker than I could attempt to explain. 

To incorporate this into my argument, we have to look at the mentality around labeling such as ‘intelligently designed’ and ‘finely tuned’. We believe we experience perfection because we cannot compare ourselves to another humanoid race. If we encountered a race that lived for thousands of years, living on a planet free from earth shaking tectonic plate movements and city destroying hurricanes, what would that do to the theistic definition of ‘intelligent’?

It would dissipate, like water in the Sahara’s searing heat.

We see ourselves, and around it build the illusion that our bodies are the best they can possibly be, because it’s the best we know of. God has hit the bullseye in design. 

A couple of months back, a toddler died in a shopping centre near my home. The boy choked to death on a grape, those around him unable to help as the crowds did not know basic first aid.

The need for basic first aid demonstrates that we need to put in place procedures to prevent death that can arise from our accident prone human anatomy. Flaws that God has filed to see.

When you state that this world is finely tuned… Are you taking into consideration the constant natural disasters, the uninhabitable deserts and polar regions, the sizzling days and freezing nights?

When talking of intelligent design, are you taking into account the constant demand for medication and antibiotics, the daily need for soap and toothpaste?

We may have the best home that we can currently find, and have a life expectancy longer than it ever has been. But is it really the perfect example of omnipotent and omniscient engineering and design?

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