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See what happens when we work together?

Congratulations to Tim Peake, who becomes the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station. Coverage is widespread here and he is doing the nation very proud. 

The key word in this post is international. Nations struggling to get along on earth seem to find a mutual level of curiosity and the desire for exploration… Our capabilities used to reach new heights in human acheivement, not warfare.

We should see nature as the obstacle not each other, it is then that we realise that we are all the same. Human. We have so many unbelievable discoveries awaiting us throughout the universe, it’s a shame to waste our opportunities by obsessing over petty problems and age old theology.


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  1. Build a zigurat to the heavens by working in unison for a common goal? Get scattered to the four corners of the earth and scrambled languages.
    International space station? I guess no problem… lol


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