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My Christian Texan friends and the mother of terrible arguments

This argument shoots itself in the foot with a shotgun. 

My post wake up ritual before getting up and ready for work consists of a quick news and social media catch up. Reading on a bright screen wakes me up before I even have coffee, but today something else perked me up.


 This appeared on my news feed, posted by a Texan friend of mine. It could easily be retelling the story of divine creation had it not plastered ‘ATHEISM’ across the top of it.

 I created a blog specifically for this reason, I didn’t want to be a pest and tackle every single meme on FB, nor would I be able to. But to my surprise, his own friends in the Lone Star State did this for me.

Atheists! In the Bible Belt! (Well, close enough to it). It is so refreshing to see that in a state that places religion so highly there are freethinkers.

Update* I still managed to stump my toe on the way to the bathoom…


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  1. i just saw that image somewhere else and immediately thought the same thing. it’s more applicable to religion rather than atheism. but i guess we can’t expect too much from people who believe an all-powerful entity with anger issues that relies on others worshipping it is constantly observing our every move because it has nothing better to do…

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